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Hi! I’m Steph and I created nomad(hubb). This is my first time launching a tool, so I thought I’d share why I built this.

After nomading for 2+ years, I wanted a tool that allowed you to easily explore and visualize what coworking/coliving retreats were happening around the world. I found that while some tools exist with search functionality, that’s only useful when you know exactly what you’re looking for. So instead, I wanted to create a simple interface that would allow you to draw inspiration from the many options popping up each month.

From doing a few of these retreats myself, I chose not to compare “features” since most tend to offer the same things. Wifi, living space, a “community”, and maybe a few additional perks. Instead, when I think about the way people choose retreats, it tends to be by 3 very simple things: Location, Timing, and Length. So, I wanted to simplify:

  • Have a month of unplanned travels open? Sort by date here.
  • Always wanted to go to India? Dying to see Africa? Search by location or continent.
  • Planning on really taking the plunge? Check out 4+ month options like Remote Year.
  • Taking your business to the next level? Find specialized trips like coding bootcamps or trips that give back.
  • Looking for flexible options? These businesses offer coliving on-demand.
  • Hoping to meet hundreds of other nomads? Check out remote-focused events.
I spent the last few months learning to code so that I could build this and now, here we are! I hope that n00bmads and promads both find a little inspiration here.

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